Who we are and what we do

Dolce Vita Group Limited is a manufaturing and sourcing office in Hong Kong and China. We have our investment in plastic injection factory, and at the same time performing sourcing tasks for our customers to achieve the best cost possible.

We are working for the largest distributor in Mexico on producing and sourcing all kinds of baking and cooking related tools and gadgets. We have our factory and supplier base that produces middle to high end baking pans and tools, and those that produce low to middle end baking accessories.

We help our customers to create different brands in different quality levels, and we tied ourselves closely between production and market trend by attending different Worldwide trade shows. Integrating market trends to create ideas and marketing strategies for promoting customer sales is also one of our tasks.

If you are looking for creating your OEM project or product sourcing, Dolce Vita will be your right choice.

our mission

We believe in “Nothing is Impossible”, we always try to create ideas, resolve problems, and satisfy customer needs.

The word “Impossible” itself is telling you that “I’m Possible!”



Our Guarantee !


Design, develop, and deliver products for
Baking and Kitchen use for customers
around the world.
Our customers include distributors,
department stores, chain stores, cake
shop and specialty shops worldwide.


A wide range of products ranging from
bakeware, kitchen, party items to toys
and sundries.
We strive to provide constant product
update and upgrade to customers and
keep in line with product trend.


To our customers around the world.
We believe that nothing is impossible, we
do everything in our best effort to achieve
the most result.